This seminar includes one lecture and two hands-on, in-depth labs.

Renesas Synergy Platform Architecture
In this section, we will focus on the key enhancements that have taken place in the SSP 1.2 release of the platform. This includes the new Wi-Fi framework, the Audio Framework, and X-Ware configurators to name a few. We will discuss these enhancements in detail, and many of them will be used in the labs.

Renesas Synergy Platform Software
This lab will show attendees the enhancements to the SSP architecture, structure and modules. Similarly, the improvements to the BSP, driver and framework layers will be shown, as well as the software configuration features of the ISDE. Several improvements to the other X-Ware components such as FileX®, NetX™ and USBX™ and how they will help you connect to the world will also be showcased during the lab.

Connectivity and the Wi-Fi Framework
This connectivity lab will focus on how to use and implement the Synergy wireless framework, as well as how to switch applications from wired to wireless connectivity, in this case using Wi-Fi. It will also show you how easily this is all done within the framework, enabling you to take your embedded design and easily add wireless connectivity.